Hello, Traders and welcome to Simple Forex Strategy community! On this website we take serious the idea that no matter forex or crypto traiding strategy should be simple to use. The more complicated strategy, the less number of the situations you can use the that strategy in. Thus we are trying to review simple strategies that contain 2-3 steps and easy adoptable to the fast changing forex world. 

A year ago we conducted a survey and discovered that the most ofour website visitors trade not only on forex, but also on numerous cryptocurency platforms. Most of the forex related questions are closed chapter to them, but crypto is whole new world, and they were looking for the information about Bitcoin, Ethereum, crypto trading, mining and ICO. That's why we have created digital currency oriented sections on our website. There are crypto articles and guides, that can be useful for crypto newcomers and crypto news, because it's very important to stay in touch with the latest cryptocurrency world updates. 

Articles & Guides

If you want to go a little bit deeper into Ethereum programming you will need to start from Ethereum history. we've made it simplier for you.

Forex strategies

This time we review one of the most universal forex strategies that can increase your profit even if you are new in the forex world.

Here you can a list of the forex trading strategies that do work, but the main idea is that they are simple in learning and using. They are good as a start in your forex career.

In this article we will explain you how candlestick strategy works and show you some features about its usege you will not find somewhere else.