In this section you will find the most interesting guides and articles about Bitcoin, Ethereum and altcoins. Also we will explain you how blockchain works in simple word and what ICO waas created for. If you would like to go deep in mining we also have a few materials on that. You will see how various yet simple and newbie-friendly cryptocurrency world can be. It literally offers you to earn money in a few different ways. You can just coose your own or combine them.

We like forex traing because it have low learning curve, and a trader can start conducting deals within a few days. Cryptocurrency sphere requires more knowledge and experience, but you can get a coin almost from every action. For example you can mine digital tokens even on your own computer and trade in the same time. And if you like to support startups you may participate in various ICO projects to get some tokens for that too. Even some shops and services have discounts if you're using crypto for payment. 

Crypto is easy, just start your way to success! 

If you want to go a little bit deeper into Ethereum programming you will need to start from Ethereum history. we've made it simplier for you.